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    Season 3

    Looking good!!! Game Of Thrones Season 3: In Production 

    Favorite characters

    Which GoT characters are your favorite ones? I like the clever and ambitious characters, such as Catelyn, Arya and, of course, Tyrion. I don't care so much for Daenerys, although being an ambitious and strong female character. She's just such a hypocrite.

    Game of Thrones - the best tv show EVER?

    Have you noticed that GoT has gotten whoppin 9.4 stars in Imdb?! whoah! now quickly, if you haven't voted there yet, do it now. 10 stars, no less!let's break some records and bring the show we adore even closer to perfection. C:

    Game Of Thrones’ Sophie Turner Thinks Prom Is Very American

    16-year-old English newcomer Sophie Turner plays Sansa on the crazily-popular HBO fantasy epic Game Of Thrones, has her first prom after exams, and Vulture suggested in an interview that she wear one of her character's dresses:

    Oh, I would get ripped for that! [Laughs.] Too attention-seeking. But maybe I can ring up our costume designer and be like, "Make me a prom dress!" And then I can invite everyone around for a pre-prom party. Jack can be my prom date! That would be wonderful. [Laughs.] It's my first prom, and I'm very excited. It's really an American thing to do - we're just doing it for the party.


    [The women in the cast are] all really close. We constantly Skype... I think the women are the ones with the real strength in the series, the mental strength, and you can see this divide clearly in the books - that the women are going to come to power.


    The First 'Dredd' Movie Trailer Hits the Net!

    Lena Headey (Game of Thrones) plays the leader of the gang and obviously doesn’t believe she needs to abide by any law, let alone Dredds “Law”, so she hides out in her lair and employs the best bad-guy arsenal money and drugs can buy.  Of course, the almost-always helmeted Dredd sets out to take down her empire while dragging along his obligatory partner-sidekick Olivia Thilby (The Darkest Hour).

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